Power Washing

Parkade Cleaning 2.0

Constant is now using a riding surface cleaner for parkade and parking lot cleaning. It’s electric so nice and quiet and exhaust free. This model also picks ups and recycles the water used to scrub the ground so there is…

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Deluxe Kohler Pressure Washer

Nick just got his Kohler power washer serviced at Under Pressure Systems It’s ripping all 14 horse power better than ever leaving a trail of clean surfaces in it’s wake. George, Constant’s mechanical guru gives it his seal of approval.…

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Downtown Suites

To Whom It May Concern, Alex Moreau and his crew at Constant did an excellent job for me power washing and exterior cleaning on my house. They are polite, reasonable and pay attention to detail. I would recommend them. Sincerely,…

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